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Providing Everything You Need



Due to the amount of messages we have received we are looking for people to franchise in the following areas.

- North East

- Ireland

- Scotland



The benefits to being part of our growing business and franchise.

  • Branding already there so you can get started straight away.

  • Featured on all social media account.s.

  • You'll also be featured on our website and any bookings we receive near your area we will pass on to you while taking a small booking fee.​

  • Fully equip  to get going with your business right away. The only add on's would be your camera and the software to video the event. 

  • Fully insured.

  • Unlimited potential - You can make your investment back in just a few bookings.

Now is the best time to get going with a new business and build in your area. This is extremely new in the UK so the potential is HUGE. As things now are moving more towards videos and away from still images, this is the next biggest things at events! Think how big photo boots are, you could have the next biggest thing in your area with your new 360 Video Booth!

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